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Lies That Addicts Tell Their Doctors To Continue Their Prescription Drug Addiction

Addicts lie. It is a characteristic of addiction. One of the people that prescription drug addicts lie to is their doctor. They lie to:

  • Get refills
  • Get new prescriptions from different doctors
  • Feed their addiction
  • Avoid drug treatment

It is important to recognize these lies for what they are, a way to continue their addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you are misusing your prescription drugs if you are:

  • Using them for non-medical purposes (aka to get high)
  • Take more than what you are prescribed
  • Lie about your drug use
  • Do things to keep using such as lying to your doctors

With this in mind, knowing the lies that people tell can help you identify if you or a loved one is using doctors to continue their addiction.

Common Lies Prescription Drug Addicts Tell

These lies a very common and doctor’s have usually heard them before.

  • I have a back injury when there is nothing to cause a back injury
  • I have trouble concentrating, my thoughts are all over the place
  • I do not have a regular doctor, this one is told usually while the person is doctor shopping
  • I have never taken that drug, meanwhile they have and are addicted to it
  • I do not take over the prescribed amount
  • I lost my prescription
  • My prescription bottle was stolen or lost

Although all of these are perfectly plausible, they are repeated over and over until the addict gets the result that they want, which is more drugs.

These lies have the unfortunate side effect of preventing people are not lying from getting prescriptions they need. If you are using these lies to further your addiction, it is time to get treatment before you prevent someone who actually needs the medication from being able to get it.